PREMIERE: My Son the Doctor play with pop-punk tropes on spiky new song ‘Bethany’

My Son the Doctor (credit: Ian McNally)

Subversions of popular songwriting tropes, if done well, can really speak to an artist’s strengths. In the case of Brooklynite new wave bunch My Son the Doctor, their new song skewers a classic pop-punk fallback: the mutually toxic relationship. Its subject? Er… we’ll let the band explain that one.

We genuinely love pop-punk and thought, what’s more pop-punk than a song about a shitty high school relationship? But we didn’t have shitty high school relationships, so we named “Bethany’ after this very beige house off of a highway in Amish Country instead. Pop-punk tends to romanticize these bad relationships that are toxic for everyone involved and we leaned in.”

The song takes a fresh look at a tried-and-tested lyric, combining it with the compelling, energetic songwriting the band have become known for. Out tomorrow as the second single from Taste Those Dreams – their second EP following last year’s short and snappy debut Dad Time – you can hear it first on Backseat Mafia below, with the 6-song collection following on Friday October 8th via Paper Moon Records.

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