SEE: Aborted Tortoise Release Video for “Violent Consumers”

This Perth Australia based five piece Garage Punk band who have featured previously, now release this latest video for a song taken from their recently aired album “Scale Model Subsistence Vendor”

The video takes on a phenomena that in these dark times is even more prevalent than before, an eye into the a world of when the realities of consumerism actually show how the most basic human instinct is not to look out for each other, but instead to revert to “self preservation” and of course “Greed”

A perfect example of punk music taken back to it’s most Sex Pistol roots, something to say?, something to be heard?, get it out in fast and furious way that not only should be listened to, but will be!

You all grew up together before Aborted Tortoise was even a band; tell us a little something about each member?

“Connor [Lane; vocals] is The Tony Galati of cryptocurrency (WA reference—sorry). Charles [Wickham; guitar] is a reality TV addict/Coles Minis enthusiast. Tom [Milan; guitar] is a medical physicist/renaissance man. John [Peers; bass] is a rock pig/gamer and, I’m a subpar historian.

“All of us (except Connor) went to the same high school, so we were all more or less familiar with each other long before the band was a thing. Tom and I have known each other since pre-primary and have a long and vibrant history—I have vivid memories of playing AOE at his house in primary school, the one you used to get in Nutri-Grain boxes. We used to make mazes filled with various hazard like crocodiles and lions and force innocent villagers to escape.

“The four of us had a short-lived high school band which we fucked around with before starting Aborted Tortoise just after we graduated. We needed a vocalist, so we ended up recruiting Connor, who I’d known for a while through a wider group of friends who used to go skating.

Get the album HERE

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