FrightFest Review: The Leech

There are two kinds of people. There are those who constantly give; always ready to help out their fellow man. Who dedicate their life to a mantra of altruism. Helping those less fortunate than themselves. On the other hand, there are those members of society who expect others to provide for them. Who constantly take, take, take but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. The two sides come head-to-head in The Leech.

Father David (Graham Skipper) is a steadfast priest who is devoted to his flock and spreading the word of God. However, as the empty seats every Sunday attest, he’s not really getting the message across. Then, one day, providence places Terry (Jeremy Gardner) in his path. Down on his luck and homeless, the religious man takes pity on him and his partner Lexi (Taylor Zaudtke), inviting them into his home. A decision he’ll come to rue.

The Leech is a welcome edition to the Christmas horror genre. Skipper will be a familiar, and reassuring, face for genre fans and he’s once again impressive here. Balancing out the good and the bad as David’s closeted life begins to fall apart around him. Writer/Director Eric Pennycoff has crafted a film which gradually builds momentum. While The Leech may never truly click, there’s much to enjoy along the way.

The Leech screened at Arrow FrightFest.

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