Track: Bradford release new single ‘Down-Faced Doll’ ahead of first album in 30 years

In amongst the misery of 2020, some bright shoots of hope were provided for us here at Backseat Mafia by the reformation Of criminally overlooked 80s/90s indie band Bradford. Ahead of their comeback album next year ‘Bright Hours’, they’ve released a new single, Down-Faced Doll.

Now consisting of ordinal members Ian H and Ewan Butler joined by famed producer Stephen Street (who produced their debut album Shouting Quietly, released on his own Foundation Label), Down-Faced Doll tells a chilling true story from the eyes of a discarded toy.

As Ian explains “By far the most disturbing song I’ve ever written. Some songs seem to have a strange compelling energy which no one can rightly claim authorship to. They ‘write themselves’ but of course a great deal of working and shaping occurs too… A true story – well the first two verses are. The last two verses are my attempt to imagine “how did it ever get to this”…”

Ewan and Stephen immediately tuned into its unsettling vibrations to create sounds and dark corners as you are unwillingly dragged through the scenario.”

With ominous guitar lines and Ian’s vocal at it most harsh, there’s something eerie and dark about Down-Faced Doll, the thudding of the bass acting as a inexorable forward movement, against the almost playful guitar lines. Throw in this deliciously echoey melody and the anticipation for the album only grows.

Check it out, here

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