SEE: Sophie Jamieson – ‘Concrete’: a siren song of a road accident teases for her EP

Sophie Jamieson reflects on the city

THEY say write about what you know; and Sophie Jamieson is a returning artist with a captivating voice who is absolutely unafraid of such a prospect.

She’s been preparing for the forthcoming Release EP since late summer, sprinkling our consciousnesses with finely honed gems, diaries of her frontline, such as “Forward”, elucidating her descent into a dark place after her debut release five years ago, which we wrote about and loved here; and the sultry, mantric plea for freedom, “Release”.

And today she’s further previewed the EP with a new single, “Concrete”; watch with us.

What’s it about? you ask. Well, it’s a neurotic imagining of her own death at her local roundabout; which anyone experienced in urban cycling will know is a very real prospect. But in a strange turn of events she actually did get knocked off her bike right there, just a couple of months on.

“When I was hit I felt this intense relief as I flew through the air – the relief of being allowed to feel pain, having permission to cry, and a reason to be taken care of.

“It had a pretty serendipitous connection to the song I had already written which is a song that fantasises about getting close to the ground – and being allowed to give up.”, she says.

“Ear to the gravel / Hear the world unravelling,” she sings, with that beautiful, customary crack in her voice; the spare, arpeggio synth strings giving her plenty of space to sing out.

While “Concrete” is a lean into oblivion, it does end on a hopeful note; Jamieson’s voice of reason cutting through to sound out her destructive inner-voice once and for all.

The Release EP shows Sophie’s transition from her straight-folk beginnings to the more open and expansive tronica which she’s beginning to explore.

Keep up with news of the Release EP, which will soon be available for pre-order over at her Bandcamp page and which will be out on December 1st.

You can also follow Sophie on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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