Premiere: Cahill/Costello reveal beautifully ambient jazz in debut single, ‘lo II’

Two of Scotland’s most inventive musicians, classical/contemporary guitarist Kevin Daniel Cahill and drummer/composer Graham Costello (Graham Costello’s STRATA, AKU!, Corto Alto) have got together to record, and we’re delighted to premiere the stand alone track (and debut single) ‘lo II’, named after one of Jupiter’s moons, here on Backseat Mafia today.

Mixing up elements of Nordic jazz, classical/contemporary guitar, ambient and tape loops, Cahill/Costello create this beautifully rolling soundscape on lo II, their interplay subtle yet emotive, and the echo and looping effects give it this warm, familiar feeling. More than that though, there’s an excitement and immediacy about the improvisations that seems to spur things along yet allow them to leave space for each other, and Cahill coaxes some rather gorgeous melodies and sounds from his guitar that are allowed to bleed into each other as the track wends its way along, almost hymnal in character.

‘lo II’ is frankly lovely. Check it out here and wait for more news.

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