Track: Ilja Alexander releases the emotive dream pop of Berlin

Photo Credit: Andy Tan

The latest single from Dreampop artist, IIja Alexander, ‘Berlin’ is out now on various listening platforms via Green Monk Records. 

With an atmospheric keys driven intro, distinctive vocals follow, Berlin builds to an Electronica-infused reveal. Combining memorable vocal hooks with a beat and synths/keyboard, the listener is put in the mind of Electronic music pioneers, New Order and hit with the flavours of English Indie-dance duo, Dubstar and even shades of David Bowie.

Peeling back the layers of Electronica, there’s both an ethereal ambience and a sense of musical sophistication. ‘Berlin’ meanders and flows, weaving in and out of ideas and creatively constructed sections. The different patterns of the song aren’t overused, only revisited to enhance it, providing a sense of natural flow and Pop-like progression. ‘Berlin’ has a sense of mood, of atmosphere, stark moments and warmer moments, infusing this tune with a rich and varied sonic-texture. Mental pictures and emotions are conjured up, both by evocative and riff-like key sequences and some very emotionally-charged vocals.

The tune breaks down into a key and vocal only part, almost resembling a gentle, if melancholic but beautiful ballad, before kicking into an anthemic and Dance-orientated refrain, warmer and with a more optimistic feel as all the most memorable and effective musical and vocal hooks of the tune glide together. ‘Berlin’ concludes with IIja Alexander’s textured and warm vocals as the haunting keys fade out.

There’s a definite Alternative Music/ Dance/ Pop crossover appeal alive in this tune, which has a lasting singalong attraction and feels genuine, passionate and heartfelt.

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