Premiere: Sean McVerry’s TELECOMS take ‘Two Steps’ forward on exhilarating new single

The whole ‘deconstructed live performance as a music video’ idea lives and dies on how well you can pull it off, and pairing it with a song this good is half the battle. Which is to say we’re big fans of both the new song and video from Brooklyn’s Sean McVerry.

The TELECOMS project only came to life recently with debut single ‘Ramon’, but there’s plenty to come from them this year. You’re likely to have ‘Two Steps’ stuck in your head for a bit, but to deliberately misquote the song, that’s really not our problem. We’re premiering the Matt Speno-directed clip below. McVerry says of the song that: ‘[Like] many of the initial songs from TELECOMS, [it] began in a cluttered home studio. In a way it was written as an escapist response to the lockdown – a velvety-theatrical daydream.”

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