Track: Maddie Ashman Shares Delicate New Single ‘I’d Rather Fall’

Singer-songwriter Maddie Ashman shares the delicate, heartfelt and generally beautiful new single ‘I’d Rather Fall’.

Built around a boxy strummed acoustic guitar, beautifully layered with well selected notes to create and instantly intricate beauty despite the minimal simplicity of the arrangement, Maddie’s silky, effortlessly captivating, melancholic lead vocal glides elegantly and serenely above the instrumentation. As the track progresses adding layers of strings and vocal harmonies, Maddie’s relatable, painfully honest lyricism and catchy vocal lines shine bright.

Into the chorus, understated drums, deep bass and a subtle arpeggiator join, building on the soundscape, whimsical emotionally affecting and yet retaining a vibrant breezy and summery singer-songwriter tone. In the latter stages, the track enters a glitchy, explosive middle-8 which, the tracks climactic highlight and truly hammering home on her Sufjan Stevens-esque arrangements.

Speaking about the meaning behind the release, Maddie says“I’d Rather Fall is about inevitably falling in love when you hadn’t planned to, it’s about the simultaneous thrill and terror of letting go and running with your feelings. Although the lyrics are personal, it feels like such a universal experience, and I wanted to capture this in the song. I wrote the song on cello, initially imagining it would be simple and acoustic… but as always, Nathan Cox (producer) and I ended up with hundreds of audio tracks, incorporating rubber bridge guitar, dense vocal multi-tracking, synths and drums, which really bring the narrative to life.

An excellently delicate and textural, indie-pop-folk sound comparable to Lucy Rose, Maddie Ashamn’s new single ‘I’d Rather Fall’ is out now. Listen & watch below:

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