Premiere: dayaway lament the one they can’t have on ‘i wish’ and announce new EP

You may know New Yorker Amber Renee as a member of CLAAVS, but she also makes music with Graham Marsh as dayaway, under which name they released a self-titled debut EP last August. it only makes sense they’d have another one coming this summer, right? The lead single from it is a gem – equal parts bouncy and pissed off. It’s a whole mess of emotions and it’s about an equally messy love story.

Per the band: “‘i wish’ is about being down bad for someone you can’t have. It’s super playful, but it’s also an angry fist-shake to the sky kind of song. You’re mad at yourself and you’re mad at the person you’ve fallen for and you’re mad at the circumstances. Most of the time, you can’t control who you love or when, so this song tackles the frustration of that experience.”

‘i wish’ is out tomorrow, but you can get a first listen of it right now as we’re premiering the video! What’s more, there’s a very good six-track EP called blue summer moon following on Friday August 30th.

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