Say Psych: Interview: Reverends

Reverends released their second LP on Little Cloud Records on Friday and so we had a chat with Danny from the band to find out more about them.


Q – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the band? What do people in the UK need to know about you?

A – We’re from Atlanta, Georgia USA. We’re good friends who make music in our basement. I’m thee Very Rev, Dandy Lee Strickland. I started the band with our drummer Kyle Jones a long time ago. There’s also Andy Watts, Matt Boehnlein and Henry Jack “Hank the Jackhammer” Buxbaum.


Q – So, Reverends, where did that name come from?

A – I’m a Reverend. I got ordained to do Matt Hollywood’s wedding that never happened a decade plus ago. One day someone set up a show for us and we had to come up with a name. I wanted something that wouldn’t pop-up in the psych fest band name generator that’s circling online.


Q – How about inspirations, musically or otherwise?

A – Personally I feel inspired to make music because it helps me to organize my thoughts and better understand my entirely weird relationship with the world. I don’t know how I would Live otherwise. The rest of the band, I can account for this- it’s all a Love affair with the art form. We all really truly Love the Fuck out of music. I’ve played with guys who liked it okay or even Loved it or just wanted to be cool but we Love the fuck out of music itself. We’re inspired by our Love and need to create to make sound. It’s an obligation really!


Q – Tell us about the new record, where was it recorded, who was involved etc?

A – We recorded it in our basement rehearsal studio and nobody was involved but the five of us. It’s quite a feeling of accomplishment. It was a process to make. Things didn’t start out the way we ended-up doing them, and there were different people involved when it began. Luckily good things came out of some misfortunes and we have this beautiful record we couldn’t be more proud of.


Q – How did you come to work with Little Cloud Records?

A – I became friends with those guys online and we would post funny pictures and stuff. I was in Portland and visited Mike’s house and he showed me a list of bands he wanted to put out and we were near the top. It’s been stunballs working with them. Love it!


Q – Any plans to tour on the back of it?

A – Yeah we’re doing a Texas thing next week, then we’ll be doing lots of other things all over for the rest of time.


Q – There is a lot of good music around at the moment, it can’t be denied! Have you any tips for our readers?

A – I can’t really think of any bands to suggest , but if you’re looking there are bands out their with a unique voice, being themselves, taking chances. Fuck wannabes and rip-off artists.


Q – And finally, how would you sum up your sound in one sentence for the uninitiated?

A – Loud, soft, heavy, quiet, high, low, unbeknown, unbelievable, southern unreal estate.


Listen to their new LP, The Disappearing Dreams of Yesterday


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