Film Review: Deerskin

Georges and his jacket

There are few, if any, filmmakers working anywhere in the world today who have the inventiveness or singularity of vision of Quentin Dupieux. In a career which spans two decades (so far) the Frenchman has made a number of unlikely gems. His breakthrough came with Rubber, a film about a serial-killing tyre. He has gone on to build a body of work that is as elusive as it is extraordinary. Deerskin is the finest hour in his career so far.

Georges (Jean Dujardin) is a man driven by an ambition to own and possess the finest jacket in the whole wide world. This obsession drives him to go to extreme lengths to achieve his goal. With his marriage in tatters, he travels to a remote community to purchase the deerskin jacket of his dreams. Along with it comes a video camera and with the help of Denise (Adèle Haenel), an aspiring editor, starts to make his opus. However, things soon get out of hand.

Deerskin is a brilliantly observed portrait of a man descending into coat-based madness. Georges embarks on his odyssey for a cause which is true and just, but it’s not long until his finds himself approaching his own leather-clad underworld. Wildly inventive and startlingly amusing, Dupieux pitches the tone just right. Dujardin and Haenel have a great chemistry and writing is sharp and dry. Deerskin is the most fun you can have without actually getting your clothes dirty.

Deerskin opens in cinemas on Friday.

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  1. WOW! Can’t wait to see this!

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