Premiere: Anatomy Class put up a ‘Reflector Shield’ – a powerful, jangling force of sparkling positivity in one track

We are very honoured to premiere ‘Reflector Shield’ – a classical indie pop anthem replete with undulating waves of sparkling guitars, a thundering percussion and passionate vocals burnished with some gorgeous harmonies. The responsible culprits, Anatomy Class, have been here before, of course – read my review of their earlier single ‘Welcome to the Ages’ – with their royal wielding of jangling guitars and celestial melodies that superglue their way into the head. For the crime of murdering the ordinary: guilty as charged.

The sparkle and positivity in the pace has the pop-heavy glow of Teenage Fanclub and the contemporary brilliance emanating from the Marrickville Sound (never mind that singer/songwriter/guitarist Ant Rosen is from Melbourne), with an inner city grit and an antipodean accent. Rosen says of the track:

With ‘Reflector Shield’, there’s an underlying sense of reflection and nostalgia – looking back to a time when we were younger, when life was a lot simpler and innocent. We could dream, and we believed in those dreams – it was our reality, even for just a day or a moment in time. We could be superheroes, we could “jump into the sky”, we could be whoever we wanted to be. There’s an element of romanticism too, the wanting to also share those dreams and journeys with someone. “I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine”, it’s a bit of a universal and timeless theme; seeking that soulmate and companionship, something I think we all search for throughout our lives.

That sense of yearning bleeds into the mountainous melodies and the multi-textured approach. A cosy and fruitful marriage of dream pop and shoegaze: seeding the dreamy landscapes of the former with the power and volume of the latter. ‘Reflector Shield’ is out tomorrow and available through all the usual streaming/download sites or through the exclusive link below:

A veritable sparkle in the rain. Anatomy Class are:

Ant Rosen
Nick Kennedy
Danny Yau

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