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Surely Loose ArticlesKick Like A Girl’ should have been the closing track when Englands Women’s Football Team won the Euro 2022. Sadly not, we have some way to go yet but their feminist working class voice shouts loud and strong on themes including global warming, women’s football and misogyny in sport, and the gentrification of northern towns. The Manchester 4-piece release their second EP Chaos on 16 September via Alcopop! Records. It follows 2019’s debut EP Orchid Lounge and continues their frenetic energy fuelled punk delivery on subjects that continue to concern us all.

The opening track ‘Chaos‘ acknowledges climate change and the lack of action of the powers that be:
“Politicians will drown under the rising seas before they take these threats seriously.” sings vocalist Natalie Wardle, with more and more frustration as the track continues. There is a weird feeling of angst as we lap up the warmth but realise that it’s not healthy.

We were all feeling a bit guilty for enjoying ourselves in the knowledge that the weird weather was definitely due to man-made climate change and not some kindly weather god giving us northerners a well deserved break from the cold & rain.” says Natalie.

Eggshells‘ is a slightly darker track with a slower pace and brooding bassline. It addresses the difficulties of being an outsider, of not conforming with the norm. “Opposites don’t always attract” – what a great lyric in this context. Why are a section of the population unable to handle those that are slightly different? Walking on eggshells rather than just accepting.

To be clear ‘Dirty Dicks Food and Ale Emporium’ is a love letter to the bands favourite teenage haunt in Halifax. It became a victim of gentrification, which has spread across so many of our towns and cities tearing the soul out of our communities.

The aforementioned ‘Kick Like A Girl’ should have been EVERYWHERE as the Women’s Euros 2022 progressed. This directly shoots at misogynistic attitudes towards women’s sport. The fierce vocals, thumping drums and ragged guitars bring a sense of battering down the walls that have been built. Crashing through them, shouting for equality and fair play. Learning more about how women’s football was banned by the FA in 1921 even though it was hugely popular, and the fact that this is a story so little known, for bands like Loose Articles to champion such themes is relevant and vital.

Loose Articles describe their second EP Chaos as: 
“a satirical examination of the hazards of modern life—keyboard warriors, the death of the independent pub, sexist footy fans, and the hopelessness that the woman in the street often feels in the face of impending doom. Whilst politicians fly their private jets to climate change conferences only to sit around scratching their collective heads as to why it’s so warm in February, all that’s left to do is head to the nearest beer garden and watch the world burn.”
To the BBC’s credit Loose Articles have appeared on BBC One’s Football Focus as keen amateur pundits and fans of the beautiful game. But they are so much more than this, a voice prepared to confront the difficulties of the modern world wrapped up in a punk aesthetic and spat out with contempt at those who should know better, but also adding a sprinkling of humour. You’ll find them propping up the bar.

Loose Articles release their second EP Chaos on 16th September 2022 via Alcopop! Records.

For more information on the band please check out their facebook and twitter.

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