See: the video for the supernatural psych-folk of Nainnoh’s ‘Colors’

Nainnoh, photographed_by Eva Kapanadze

NEW YORK-based Nainnoh has a particularly supernatural way with psychedelic folk, perhaps casting herself in a lineage that casts back to Dr. John, Buffy Saint-Marie, Espers and others.

There’s something about her vocals, precise, husky, but somwhow shadowy and speaking of other worlds, cast against a landscape of dramatic Americana; Nancy Sinatra gone fully darkside.

If you need to come up to speed, she’s already released singles such as the spectral caress of “Run” and the gentler breeze of “Seasons”; and now, en route to her self-titled debut album in April, she’s dropped “Colors”, the video for which you can watch below.

A song that questions whether there’s more to this giddy, wonky world of ours than the eye can see, Nainnoh’s voice cracks with languid knowledge of that other place just beyond the edge of our vision.

It was laid down in her adopted Big Apple, and weaves psych drone with folk melodicism.

We’re told that Nainnoh, the album, seven years in the making, draws on influences from Sigur Rós to the Velvets and is dedicated to “anyone who’s ever been counted out because of who they are or where they come from.”

Follow Nainnoh at her website, on FacebookInstagramTwitter, YouTube, and on Spotify.

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