Brooklyn trio Jackal Onasis (yeah, great name) are Alex Molini (Stove, Big Putts, ex-Dirty Dishes), Jordyn Blakely (Stove, ex-Butter The Children, ex-Night Manager) and Ghoul Man (Sickhead). They’re about to release their debut album, Big Deal Party through Exploding in Sound Records on June 24th, but before that they’ve released some visuals for the albums title track.

With the slacker-angelic vocal of drummer/vocalist Jordyn draped over the top of this wiry sort of alt-shoegazey indie rock, its all rattling drums, while vocals and guitar trade melodies, the latter pretty much always being the lovable rogue of the pair, scuffed up and filthy as it is. And while its got the attitude, its also got the tunes.

Check out the band playing the track in the new video, here