See: Doomshakalaka releases new video for ‘One Last Saturday Night

Doomshakalak is, essentially, Paul Rafferty – former vocalist and bassist for much missed Liverpool indie band Hot Club De Paris, in his new guise. Ahead of his debut Self-titled album, out on June 5th via Moshi Moshi, he has released a new video for his latest single ‘One Last Saturday Night’.

It’s been a labour of love for Rafferty, who has taken ten years to write the record. He says of the single “Was the first song written for the record back in 2011, before I even knew that there was going to be a record.”

He continues, “It’s a love letter to the past and the feeling of possibility we experience in youth. Adulthood is a cliff we sleepwalk off and responsibility lurks below. You can try and fall for as long as you want, but at some point you’ll plunge into the analogous sea. What if you could go back for one last lost weekend, before the free fall of real life and responsibility?”

The song itself is this charming, chiming slice of indie rock, these guitar riffs injection you with positivity, the melodies just about as catchy as you will hear all year. Ten years bloody well spend in our view.

The accompanying one-shot video was filmed by Rafferty’s girlfriend Vicky Roberts on an iPhone on a south-Liverpool playing field just minutes from their house, Rafferty walks precisely the length of one Gaelic Football pitch on a crutch, having undergone some fairly unglamorous foot surgery a month ago. The star of the show is Rafferty’s dog, Pettibon

He says, “Whilst I’m used to swollen budgets, excessive crew and top-notch catering on my video shoots, the Coronavirus lockdown required me to slim down production and deliver something a little more austere than what I’m used to.”

Check it out, here

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