Premiere: Vincent John – Temptation

Former Lee Fields & The Expressions guitarist / songwriter Vincent John has stepped out on his own and is now at his own collaborative label Eraserhood Sound. He’s releasing a new track ‘Temptation’ this Friday and we’re delighted to premiere it here on Backseat Mafia tonight.

Of the track, Vincent told us “People are predisposed to want things we can’t have. It’s human nature. Desire leaves us broken hearted and walking away is easier said than done. “Temptation” is the story of someone grappling with the chase for something, or someone, that can never be attained”.

It’s this bubbling synth pop tune, all 80s analog synth sounds dancing in and out of each other, with splashes of guitar, electronics and backing vocals adding to the texture. It’s got this Summer time vibe about it, the vocals adding a sheen to the perfect pop melodies contained within.

Check it out, here

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