Track: Screaming Maldini reveal new single, Islands

April has drawn to a close but the journey is just beginning for the bright Sheffield band Screaming Maldini. Since their debut album in February 2013, the band have vowed to gift fans with a new track for every month in 2014, accumulating to a “mysterious finale” in December of this year.

The first three months have proved a monumental success, with ‘Soweto’, ‘Bearings’, and ‘Abyssinia’ providing an epic start to the #MonthlyMaldiniXII project. The band’s debut album was spectacular but these new songs are stronger; showcasing their talents to a captivated audience who count down the days to the next release.

So what is ‘Islands’ all about? The song begins delicately, with simple piano accompanying its first line before opening up with full band accompaniment. Screaming Maldini’s strengths have always been their use of elaborate harmonies and this song does not fail to deliver; alternating between fragile whispers and fierce determination, ‘Islands’ conveys all of Screaming Maldini’s talents in less than four and a half minutes.

The repetition of “fill this with silence” throughout the song truly resonates with the listener – I can already imagine the crowds singing these words along with the band at future gigs. Screaming Maldini are confident with their music and they’ve created something wonderful; I think fans should be suitably impressed.

But ‘Islands’ isn’t the only thing that Screaming Maldini have been working on this past month; April saw the band go on their first Japan tour, complete with adoring fans and mass sing-alongs, proving that they’re ready to share their music with the world.

So, ‘Islands’ is only the fourth single of 2014, but have you noticed the running theme so far? All the songs seem to reference islands and distant shores, fragile connections and stormy seas. Even the artwork has featured images of maps, anchors and ships, suggesting that adventure is on the horizon for this bright young band. Screaming Maldini are setting off on a journey and they want nothing more than to take you with them.

The single is accompanied, once again, with fabulous artwork from Ralph Oliver Wilson.



FREE DOWNLOAD available HERE until 31st May 2014.


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