Track: Take Berlin – Motion

Out today is Motion, the new track from Brooklyn duo Take Berlin. It took a chance meeting between the pair, both musicians, Yvonne Ambrée who does backings for little boots and sleigh bells on occasion, and Jesse Barnes, who plays guitar in aloe blacc’s band. We asked the band “are you guys always in “motion”? YES, came the unequivocal response. As to the story behind the song – since we are always in ‘motion’ sometimes it s good to take a break and know when it s the right time to just let everything be no matter how important. We wrote the song playing with the concept of letting things go / and / or taking a break but also loosing control of what you do, in a good way.

Motion is stripped back, laid back lo-fi folky electronica. There’s hints of soul in there as well, as Yvonne’s frankly lovely vocal dances over the top of things. It gradually unfurls and flowers as it goes, with more layers being added, but you never get away from that wistful, faraway sound. Lovely stuff.

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