French Film Festival UK: Love Affairs

Maxime and Daphne

No one does amour quite like the French. Looking in from the outside, it seems to play an important part in their national psyche. Those tangled and complicated webs which spin out across relationships seem to be prevalent in the arts. French cinema reflects this, with a perennially prolific output of romantic comedies and drama. Whilst not all these make the journey across the channel, they’re usually some of the best examples of the genre. As is the case with Love Affairs.

Maxime (Niels Schneider) arrives in the countryside to stay with his cousin. However, François (Vincent Macaigne) is called away to Paris to cover for a sick colleague at work. It’s left to his pregnant partner Daphné (Camélia Jordana) to look after him. As the pair discuss their lives, they delve into the complexities of their present and past relationships; going into increasingly intimate detail which slowly brings them together.

Lover Affairs is a complicated and complex romantic drama which twists and turns at every juncture. These numerous interconnected relationships are charted with a great deal of verve and assurance. The tone remains light throughout and the cast is electric, but it’s director Emmanuel Mouret’s writing which makes it such entertaining and exhalating filmmaking. Lover Affairs is an intricate, beautifully made and ultimately fulfilling experience.

Love Affairs screens at French Film Festival UK.

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