Track: The Lion and the Wolf – My Fathers Eyes

Tom George, aka The Lion and the Wolf, is back with a new, second release, My Fathers Eyes. Available as a limited edition 7inch, George is releasing a second single, Bar Stools, from the release. It tells the story of a drunken walk home. “The song is about a time I made a stupid decision and kicked down a fence in reaction to somebody telling me something that I definitely didn’t want to hear. It was after a drunken walk home and I will never, ever forget that evening” comments Tom. “I genuinely felt like my stomach had been ripped out. I guess it scared me to learn that I could react in such a way as I’m generally the most down to earth person in the world.”

My Fathers Eyes begins with this juxtaposition of echo drenched vocals, while underneath things are clearer – the bass drives things onward. Soon though, this begin to wash together, as the guitars gaze shoe-wards, and the synths springle little bits of magic on everything. The thing that really sticks out though is the rather beautiful, almost Elbow like ebb and flow of the melody. Its something very special.

Pre-Order ‘My Father’s Eyes’ on 7inch Vinyl Here:

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