Premiere: The Pretty Visitors release video for the epic, soaring single Western Skies

We are very honoured to premiere the new video for ‘Western Skies’, the single from the glorious The Pretty Visitors.

The track itself launches with a thrilling wall of guitars and shimmering vocal harmonies. It is epic and cinematic indie pop of the highest degree. The partly spoken verse has a lyrical poetry infused with a sense of humour before a mountain-range high chorus kicks in with razor sharp guitars and a whole tonne of effervescence.

Covering the minutiae of suburban life with incision and wit, the band literally thunders along with a powerful smashing rhythm section that energises and propels. The band says of the track:

The song developed from a place of frustration and helplessness in the small towns where we live. I (Connor) had an uneventful day and felt like I was walking around in something like ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’ and felt the need to write about small town life along with being late twenties and not knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be. As with everyone’s place they grew up in, it’s a love/hate relationship, and I think this song articulates that, along with nuanced details that you can only notice about a place that you have so many memories attached to.

The lyrics reveal a precision and clarity:

And it’s just like this, I get up every day small town and no play
Neighbours glares for parking in the vicinity of their front gate
Letter from the SLC tea-stained ‘we need work information that’s up to date’
Up to date? I’m 27 mate, and living in the third bedroom of my parents estate for a non-existent rate

The chorus is an epic blast that etches itself into your mind with its fatalistic theme:

I feel alright but then it starts to rise until it drowns my mind, taste of something bitter Them and I, taken for a ride under these western skies, lead me to the river

‘Western Skies’ is a chiming, celestial song replete with jangling guitars and an air of complete freshness. The singalong tone is euphoric and grand, and this is clearly a very, very exciting band.

The accompanying video, directed by James Polley, captures the urban/country air with a sense of loss and despondency as the singer cuts a lonely isolated figure:

‘Western Skies’ is out now and available here.

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