Film Review: Uncertain

Uncertain is a town with a, well, uncertain future. On the Texan boarder with Louisiana, it has a population which numbers a mere 94 disparate souls. It’s not a place you chance upon or stop off on the way to somewhere else. If you find Uncertain, you’re either lost are there for a reason. Quite possibly trying to escape your past. It serves as the focal point for Ewan McNicol and Anna Sandilands’ beautifully haunting documentary of the same name.

Uncertain relies on fishing for its economy but its vast swampy lake is being choked to death by aquatic weed. This disruption to the natural environment has put the livelihood of all the townsfolk at risk. McNicol and Sandilands follow three residents: A recovering drug addict and ex-convict hunting down the giant boar he calls Mr Ed; an aging fisherman and guide and; a dreamer with nothing much to show for his life.

Uncertain is beautifully shot, especially the opening; imbuing the swamp with an air of mystery, malaise and murk. It’s a sad, but often humorous, tale of a community slowly dying. The spotlight falls upon three oddly charming eccentric characters. They’re troubled, yet charismatic. The directors let events unfold, and whilst there’s a hopeful end, you do worry for some of the residents. Uncertain is a wistful and haunting documentary which paints a poetic image of a community in decline.

Uncertain is available On Demand from Friday.

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