Say Psych: Album Review: New Candys – Bleeding Magenta

Rating: 9/10

Venetians New Candys were formed in 2008 and have gone from strength to strength, increasing their popularity and appeal with every rotation of the sun. Their next offering, Bleeding Magenta, has been released this month on Fuzz Club Records after much anticipation from fans and media alike.

The stylish four piece released debut LP Stars Reach the Abyss in 2012 which instantly grabbed attention, so much so that it has recently been re-issued. The hotly anticipated follow up, As Medicine, came in 2015 and was praised for its intangible blend of rock, roll and psychedelia. In the mean time they have toured extensively, earning performances at key festivals such as Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and Space Fest, as well as packing out venues all over Europe. With a tour just announced for Australia, all eyes are firmly focused on their third album.

Opening with title track ‘Bleeding Magenta’, a distorted guitar dominates before the motorik drumming kicks and delayed vocals complete the ensemble. New Candys have a distinct sound which has rightfully earned them their current status and they waste no time in reasserting themselves with this track. Lead track ‘Excess’ ups the tempo with its fast pace and bouncing melody which entrances and excites. ‘Mercenary’ offers swirling psychedelic rock at its best, with a menacing darkness prevailing yet maintains an accessibility that a lot of bands lose as they progress.

‘Sermon’ is an interesting step away from their norm, heavily calling on the East with its sitar opening and female vocal accompaniment. A spine tingling guitar bridge captivates and an ethereal air prevails. ‘Tempera’ takes a step back to their more traditional sound, whilst keeping things interesting enough to aurally entertain. ‘Silver Eyes Arise’ gets the body moving in all the right ways with its catchy rhythm and jovial countenance and ‘Lunar Day’ continues this theme whilst ensuring a dreamy sway.

‘The Outrogeous Wedding (Parts I, II, III)’ takes a dive into the industrial initially, with a noisy static opening which rolls into layers of sound, fuzzy vocals, empowered guitars and smatterings of indistinct musical elements. The three parts flow into each other seamlessly; a musical journey which builds in progressive layers and shows the intelligence and ability of the musicians on hand that essentially the repetition of the same elements can be worked into such an interesting musical production. Concluding with a reprise of the opener, we come full circle and see the journey completed in the truest sense.

Bleeding Magenta offers a collection of finely tuned sounds, blended into a heady mixture of sinewy psychedelic rock creating brooding, other-worldly soundscapes, with just a sprinkling of hazy fine tuned sensibility thrown in for good measure.


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