Premiere: Express Office Portico Share Video For ‘Forget The Name’

Nottingham 5-piece Express Office Portico are back with visuals for heir new single ‘Forget The Name’ and we’re excited to be running the premiere!

A bright indie-pop soundscape of washing synths, plucky guitars and male-female vocal harmonies create a dreamy Bombay Bicycle Club-come-Cocteau Twins-esque soundscape. Full of excellently thought out riffs and unexpected chord changes, ‘Forget The Name’ possesses not only a breezy, summery feel making it infectiously likeable but also a musical depth within the instrumentation. Some excellent delay tinted guitar lines stands out on the track, intertwining ever moving licks with subtle, yet insanely catchy vocal lines (with some beautiful harmonies) in a sublime, complimentary merge of tones.

Discussing the single, the band shares: “The concept for ‘Forget The Name’ stems from the phrase ‘gather ye rosebuds while ye may’, simply enjoy yourself now before your situation changes. Yet lyrically, we have purposefully laid out a contrasting point of view on the saying. Forget The Name shows a more realistic view of the challenges that come with change.

The floral themes throughout show beauty whilst also lyrically highlighting the mundane nature of change as a constant. With change comes the fact that people get older, people move in and out of each other’s lives, and then we start to lose memories of people we once knew. We forget their faces and eventually their names. The song is a battle of two contrasting ideologies within a person: one that fears the change life has to offer and therefore sacrifices the present moment, and one whose attitude towards life is ‘Carpe Diem’.”

While the bands lyrics talk about being surrounded by rose buds, the new video follows this theme with flowers used as microphones and every instrument adorned with foliage. A simple yet affective video which adds to the already glowing appeal which Express Office Portico possess.

Watch the new video for ‘Forget The Name’ below:

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