Track: Nottingham Indie-Pop Risers Express Office Portico Unveil New Single ‘He Said She Said’

Nottingham’s indie-pop scene is set ablaze once again as Express Office Portico share the new single ‘He Said She Said,’ on March 8th. Taken from the bands anticipated upcoming debut EP ‘Incommunicado’ due on March 29th, the track showcases the infectious songwriting than can be expected across the upcoming full release.

Blending melancholic lyricism with melodic vocal hooks and a light, spacious and vibrant musical backdrop, ‘He Said She Said’ perfectly balances its pop exploits with a bright and breezy, dancable indie sound-pallet. Led by interweaving synths and guitar lines, the driving drums and prominent bass, the soundscape is strikingly clean and pure under the silky smooth, emotive lead vocal.

Exploring themes of self-reflection and understanding, ‘He Said She Said’ delves into the complexities of conflict resolution, urging listeners to embrace vulnerability and empathy – the band explain: “‘He Said She Said’ is a dramatic retelling of an argument between two lovers. Written in the perspective of the instigator, it depicts the needed self-reflection that healthy arguments should often contain with a message that the true resolution to overcoming conflict is being able to admit your flaws and understand the other person’s perspective to meet a true middle ground.” 

The tracks unexpected, atmospheric middle eight really highlights the bands creativity, moving to a downtempo almost Daft Punk-esque saw sound-wave synth arrangement before seamlessly moving back into the infectious chorus.

Having made a name for themselves as a live band, Express Office Portico are now build anticipation for their upcoming debut EP, promising some interesting musicality, catchy melodies and thoughtful lyricism. ‘He Said She Said’ serves a tantalising taste of what’s to come.

Listen below:

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