Track: Old Moon unveils the epic and cinematic shoegaze single ‘Soma’ ahead of album ‘Cities of the Plain’ release.

Old Moon is the nom de plume of Lyme, New Hampshire resident Tom Weir and his new single ‘Soma’ is an epic, cinematic slice of shoegaze pie. Scything walls of guitars feature as a thrilling, excoriating and fuzzy backdrop to Weir’s dissociated, melodic vocals that soar across the sonic attack. This has the antithetical mix of a sweet refrain that glides over a darker, gothic instrumentation, with the result being redolent of something by The Jesus and Mary Chain with a touch of Killing Joke. Weir says of the single:

‘Soma’ is a move towards a cleaner, brighter Old Moon sound and the first song that I wrote after finishing up my previous record Altars last year. It’s about trying to find a path forward even when the future is unclear and about weeding out the things in my life that were dragging me down. I worked with Shaun Durkan again for the mix on this song, and I love the way it came out so differently than the songs on Altars while still occupying a similar sonic space.

The result is a pulse-quickening sonic blast:

The single precedes the release of Old Moon’s new album ‘Cities of the Plain’, out through à La Carte Records for release on Friday, 13 May 2022. You can download the single above and get the earlier similarly epic release ‘Eastern Skies’, and pre-order the album through the link below:

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