Droppin’ Knowledge: HANiF. The Barber & Tope Drop New Single LLC – Watch

Portland, Oregon rapper HANiF. The Barber and Tope share a new single from their new EP, No Clout. The song, “LLC,” was co-produced by HANiF. and Anthony Danza. In the video, the two emcess philosophize about life in front of, and inside of, the barber shop owned by HANiF., in downtown Vancouver, Washington. HANiF., who previously used the artist moniker Luck-One, and Tope are both business owners, and on the track, HANiF. proudly humanizes his business chops, his struggles and his dreams. Appropriately for a barber shop, a chess board makes an appearance. Somewhat out of the ordinary, Noam Chomsky’s Turning The Tide appears on top of that chess board. HANiF is trying to educate us with THAT, too.

The song has a summery vibe, squiggly keyboards and high-hats slapping. Not sure what the weather is like in Vancouver, but “LLC” should be blasting out of all the rag-tops in Los Angeles, and every where else, for that matter.

Find No Clout on Bandcamp: https://luckonemusic.bandcamp.com/album/no-clout The video for “LLC” was crowd-funded and directed by Bausik Films.

“It’s the LLC/my business a real person/it’s the LLC/coporations is real people/it’s the LLC,” y’all. “Alhamdulilah/chose to rise through my environment.” Check it!

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