News: Dakota Jones share their new single ‘Dissent’N’Gin’

Dissent'N'Gin- Artwork

Dissent’N’Gin is a jewellery heist in all black leather, and it goes off without a hitch. You came for the jewels but you stayed for the feeling of immaculate power that’s surging through your blood, exerting that power seamlessly.’ Dakota Jones.

After serving a smooth and easy going vibe on previous single ‘Sugar Pie, the band turn things up a notch with ‘Dissent’N’Gin’. With nods to classic 90s hip-hop lead singer Tristan Carter-Jones proves once again she is a musical tour-de-force, equally at ease spitting bars as she is delivering her signature soulful vocals. The lyrics are a wild ride of alcohol and lust, while the band create a soundscape of uneasiness that still leaves you wanting more. 

And don’t miss the accompanying video shot on the streets of Brooklyn – featuring a man running, from what we don’t know… As the band explain: ‘We wanted this to represent the mood of the song: it’s smooth on the outside yet something sinister lurks within the sound. You’re running from something you can’t see, you might not even know what it is, but you’re trying to get ahead of it. In the end, escape is impossible.’ 

Dissent’N’Gin” is out now. STREAM HERE



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