See: James Alexander Bright gets it on with Fink for ‘Sundown’: keeping the rays alive as the chill bites

AUTUMN has well and truly bitten; any Indian summer which we may have had is now truly receding in the rear-view mirror; drizzle has become the lingua franca. Time to bust out the daylight lamps, grab the vitamin D anywhere we can.

Thankfully Hampshire’s James Alexander Bright has been working on a plan in cahoots with Ninja Tune and R’COUPD beatsmith Fink to bring us a dose of the nutrients we might need, with the spare, radiant bliss of “Sundown”, out today, James’s birthday. May it be a happy one, chap.

With the twin hooks of an addictive little snare beat and that chantalong line, “I can see it/working out” to get all shuttered eyelids and mantric to, it’ll prove just the acoustic bliss you might need to battle on through the puddles. Keep dry, keep safe, keep the sun in your heart. .

James says of the track: “‘Sundown’ came to life after I was introduced to Fink by Will Saul at !K7. From a folder of ideas I sent him, Fink jumped straight on an instrumental, adding a beautifully executed chorus hook and some lush Ry Cooder/Tommy Guerrero-esque guitar swells.

“I ran away with the rest and it was a real joy to work on. I love collaboration with other people and it was a dream to work with an artist I’ve respected for years.”

“Sundown” keeps an elemental theme going, as it follows the equally mañana-paced “Drink This Water”; another quietly blissful nugget from back in July, when we actually did have the golden orb in the heavens.

James is currently putting together a new album for !K7, his second, over in Hampshire; expect that as the calendar flips to 2022.

James Alexander Bright’s “Sundown” is out now on digital streaming platforms via !K7.

Connect with James elsewhere on the web at his website, and on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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