Film Review: No Future

Claire and Will

Some actors find fame and fortune at an early age, often with disastrous consequences, while recognition comes later in life for others. Take Catherine Keener, for example. She didn’t start acting until well into her twenties and her first starring role came at the ripe old age of 31 (Johnny Suede). She’s gone on to be nominated for two Academy Awards (Being John Malkovich and Capote) and now in her sixties is still going strong. She’s once again immense in No Future.

Will (Charlie Heaton) is a recovering addict who has managed to build new foundations to make a future for himself. He has a steady job, a supportive partner and regularly attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings. When a face from his past appears on his doorstep and subsequently takes his own life, guilt starts to dog his footsteps. After returning home for the funeral, he ends up comforting Claire (Keener), his friend’s grieving mother. The house of cards Will’s built for himself threatens to collapse from under him.

No Future is a powerful and emotive narrative feature about addiction, guilt and grief. Andrew Irvin and Mark Smoot’s film works so well due to brilliant performances from Keener and Heaton. It’s an incredibly stark and moving story. Their portrayals of grieving mother and struggling former addict, respectively, are the driving force behind the film. No Future isn’t an easy watch and doesn’t offer any easy answers but is an affecting human drama which stays with you.

No Future opens in theatres across America on 22 October.

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