See: Glass Ocean release video for ‘Beyond Us’

One of Australia’s most prominent up and coming rock acts, Glass Oceans, have released’Beyond Us,’ the first single from their upcoming debut album.

The musicianship in this is truly superb. It’s an incredibly well crafted song, combining dreamy ethereals with sudden abrupt changes. Prog rock guitar solos, a hint of heavy and a strangely engrossing pop vibe permeating the whole thing. It’s like Will Young started listening to rock. I’m rarely impressed with anything new, and this is impressively unique.

It’s about facing who we are and that our shortcomings appear to be scarier than any horror movie or nightmare. I think it’s generally a very difficult thing to look straight in the eye. For those that don’t, we drift through life either unaware of a looming travesty, or we are awake and in fear. I think the punishment is far greater not meeting it head on. ‘Beyond Us’ is about running from and also confronting the things we wish to forget or leave behind in time.” – Tobias Atkins

Glass Ocean’s eclectic sound has seen fans and critics captivated by their blend of sweet swirling guitars, off-kilter pounding rhythms, and immersive pop sensuality engulfed by soulfully swooning vocals. 

Their debut album will be released later in 2020 via Wild Thing Records.

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