Say Psych: Live Review: WRONG Festival, Liverpool 28.04.2018

Something WRONG is happening this weekend in Liverpool, and BSM is honoured to be a part of it. WRONG Festival is taking place over three venues; The Invisible Wind Factory (IWF), North Shore Troubadour (NST) and Drop the Dumbulls with an enviable line up that has seen people travel the length and breadth of the country to enjoy it.

After collecting my wristband, I head to catch an interesting battle that is taking place in NST between Salt the Snail and Bleach Sweets. They are listed as being two of the most hilarious, sarcastic noise bands that Liverpool has to offer. The set is filled with quips and general hilarity, before they battle it out at the end to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which breaks down at the end as no-one appears to be able to stop laughing. I don’t think anyone is sure who has actually won this head to head, but to be honest no-one seems to care as its been such a good laugh!

Death and the Penguin, named after an obscure Ukrainian book, describe themselves as a math rock band, and their varied set sees them channelling several influences ranging from heavy rock, to emo and offering everything in between. They have gathered quite a crowd and are certain to have earnt a few new fans with their seamless set.

Liverpool’s Gravves are next, a three piece who interchange punk and alternative rock effectively, with a swaggering live presence and a raucous attitude. I leave the venue a little deafer than when I went in… Kapil Seshasayee is an audio-visual artist who creates Avant Pop, with a sound quite unlike anything I’ve heard in some time. The one man show combines drum machine beats with dark waves of guitar, layering vocals and miscellaneous noise into the mix. Having seen his art installation in IWF which is about the Indian caste system, his sound isn’t quite what I expected, a juxtaposition of synth pop and a dark political concept.

Elevant are a three piece who include the festivals organiser, they offer a raw, visceral rock sound with heavy basslines and plenty of guitar effects. They are clearly a local favourite and go down well in the IWF, their sound losing none of its power in the cavernous space. Garage Rockers Ohmns are one of Liverpool’s fastest up and coming acts, garnering popularity for their raw tracks and explosive performances. They’re an interesting entity, and the packed venue is testament to the hype that surrounds them. They don’t disappoint and with their on stage anecdotes they go down a treat.

Salfordians Gnod are one of the most vicious, yet musically deep bands the world currently has to offer, unashamed to let their political views show whilst putting out fantastic music. Their latest LP Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine earnt them an entire new entourage as they explored new territory in a familiar way. We are treated to ‘Bodies For Money’ and ‘People’ from the aforementioned album and a new track which is so visceral it makes you wonder how they do it. The entire set is performed with such conviction that its exhausting just watching them. From start to finish it is mesmerising and there isn’t a still body in the room. The only criticism, which certainly is not of them, is that the sound does not penetrate past the first few rows of onlookers, so the wall of sound hitting your face that comes as standard with a Gnod performance is sadly missing.

Literally running from IWF to NST for the very good reason that Hey Colossus have already started their set. Having only missed a couple of tracks, taking a place on the balcony to witness them pile through tracks from In Black and Gold, the 2015 LP which has become infamous. Having some 11 albums to choose tracks from, they utilise their six bodies to create captivating motorik beats, inviting bass riffs and the three guitars create a heady mixture that takes hold from the off. The set is received well by the packed venue and they leave the stage smiling, surely in the knowledge that they know they’ve nailed it tonight.

And now its back to IWF for the main event, legendary Japanese kraut rocker Damo Suzuki is joining Liverpool’s most famous psychedelic sons Mugstar on stage for a truly one of a kind performance. Damo’s enigmatic, entirely improvised performances have become legendary, and tonight’s show is no exception. Mugstar who are usually a dominating force are overshadowed by the great man, sinking into the background yet still creating incredibly enjoyable music that sees the venue bopping along happily. These performances are always hard to describe due to their unique nature and the sheer spectacle. Having a legend on stage is a hard feet for any band to match, yet somehow Mugstar step up to the plate. The set is over in what feels like minutes, but obviously isn’t and they all leave the stage to cheers and applause from the crowd. Its not clear whether this partnership will ever happen again, but regardless everyone can take away the fact that this has been special.

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