See: Orchestra Baobab – 50th Anniversary/ re-release and archive video for Dee Moo Woor

Ok so this is really heart and soul stuff. The legendary seminal Senegalese collective Orchestra Baobab are marking the 50th anniversary of their ground breaking music making with the vinyl release on World Circuit of their 2002 ‘come back’ album ‘Specialist In All Styles’. The record announced the return of the band a full nineteen years after ‘Pirates Choice’ which introduced the world in 1983 to their addictive afro- latin, Dakar nightclub, steamy sashay. ‘Specialist In All Styles’, produced by Nick Gold and Youssou N’Dour, was a second coming, bringing in the next phase for this remarkable band that stretches onto the present day.

And as if the re-release is not enough, the band have also resurrected the video of ‘Dee Moo Woor’ a track from the album which has remained hidden in the archives all this time. A heart breaking song written by the sadly missed band member Ndiouga Dieng, it drifts and aches with that effortless Orchestra Baobab vibe. So whether you are re-acquainting with this iconic group or getting to know the Orchestra for the first time, the re-issue of ‘Specialist In All Styles’ can only be good news. This is an authentic timeless groove.

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