News: Just Honest Shares Raw, Heartfelt Debut Album, ‘No Love No Hate’

In an era where authenticity takes centre stage, Just Honest emerges as a raw and unfiltered talent, delivering their debut album, ‘No Love No Hate’. This collection of Pop/Alternative tracks delves deep into the artist’s tumultuous life journey, painting a vivid picture of resilience, love, and the pursuit of self-acceptance.

The name ‘Just Honest’ itself is a testament to the artist’s commitment to sharing their unadulterated truth. Abandoned by their parents at a young age, they recall the challenging days of being 13, left to fend for themselves on unforgiving streets. These early experiences laid the foundation for the songs that became their solace, therapy, and a source of hope.

The album’s title, ‘No Love No Hate’, perfectly encapsulates the heart and soul of Just Honest’s journey. It begins with an exploration of the transformative power of love, as heard in the debut single, ‘toxic culture’. This deeply personal song reflects an encounter with a life-changing accident during a heartbreak-filled morning, serving as the catalyst for Just Honest’s journey toward self-love and acceptance.

The album’s lead single and video, ‘I had no parents’, offers an unflinchingly honest look at Just Honest’s lifelong struggle with self-reliance and the absence of parental support. It captures the profound loneliness and yearning for unconditional love.

Reflecting on this poignant track, Just Honest shares, “The album’s lead single and video mean a lot to me. I wrote ‘I had no parents’ exactly one year ago when I felt really depressed and sad. This is because I realized that ever since I was 13, I had to work, having no one to rely on. Grinding and grinding, and never stopping can take such a huge toll on you. Sometimes all I want is to go to some house, get some hugs, and some unconditional love. But this is a luxury not everyone has. It’s like a part of you is missing, which is responsible for love and life.”

‘No Love No Hate’ is more than just an album; it’s a narrative of growth, self-discovery, and the artist’s first major dating experience. It mirrors the rollercoaster ride of emotions that accompany such a journey. From the initial excitement and infatuation in ‘curfew with you’ to the exploration of insecurities, distancing, bitterness, and, finally, finding peace and moving on, Just Honest takes listeners on an intimate journey through the complexities of human emotions.

Join Just Honest on this evocative journey of self-discovery and love with the release of ‘No Love No Hate’. It’s a musical testament to resilience, a testament to the power of embracing one’s truth, and an intimate exploration of the human experience. Dive into the world of Just Honest and experience music at its most authentic and heartfelt.

Listen below:

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