SEE: Archers of Loaf shuffle forward a new 7″

THE BEST made plans of mice and men: this year has seen everyone’s diary go into the shredder. US alt.rock mainstays Archers of Loaf are no exception.

With Record Store Day at first postponed, and then chopped into three, the planned RSD-only release of “Raleigh Days”/“Street Fighting Man” has been delayed and delayed and finally has been slated to drop on the August 29th part of the event.

So instead, the band have another 7” – “Talking Over Talk”/“Cruel Reminder”, out on June 26th via Merge. 

With characteristic eccentricity, Eric Bachmann of the band bigged up the new single thus: “Of all the songs Archers of Loaf have written and recorded over the last 28 years, “Talking Over Talk” ranks 26th (out of around 75, give or take a few) in overall relative quality. 

“It’s no rock epic like “Wrong” or “Harnessed in Slums,” but it’s no snoozefest like “After the Last Laugh” or “Death in the Park,” either. 

“If you’re a fan already, you’ll probably allow it into the lexicon with mild enthusiasm. If you’re new to the Archers, however, you probably won’t make it through the first minute or so, which is understandable because there are so many other sounds to enjoy during your short time here.”

The 7” of “Talking Over Talk”/“Cruel Reminder” is available to preorder now a t

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