News: Seefeel and KMRU warp and weft on a limited remix cassette, ‘Rapture To Rupt’

Seefeel, Greenwich 1994, photographed by Vaniu Maru

THE MORE you think about it, the more it makes sense that these two artists should get together: Warp, Rephlex and Too Pure ambient electronic dub explorers Seefeel, who’ve benefitted from a comprehensive reissue programme this year; and Nairobi’s Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU, whose atmospheric, ambient Afro-electronica set Logue we adored when it was released in May (and here’s our review of that).

And so it came to pass; to round off the year of reissues, KMRU was the perfect choice to take the albums reprised for those who missed them the first time – Succour, (Ch-Vox), and the singles compilation St / Fr/ Sp – and make of them an immersive, hour-long mix, filtered through Joseph’s beguiling personal musical prism.

“Like an unending train ride, drifting through cloudy terrains”, is how KMRU describes the resulting blend of Seefeel’s music. 

And while the resulting artefact, Seefeel & KMRU’s Rapture To Rupt, is of course available to stream, share and purchase in that format variously, on BandcampYouTubeSoundcloud and other platforms, there is also a hugely limited physical release, out now via Warp: it’s cassette only, and there’s only 200 of them as well.

It’s professionally dubbed, as you’d expect, comes in a white presentation case all housed inside a sticker-sealed glassine envelope; and it also comes accompanied with a 16-page zine containing an interview with the band conducted by Simon Reynolds, author of such excellent books as Rip It Up And Start Again.

You can purchase that limited edition cassette and 16-page zine here.


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