Track: Gold Coast’s Radolescent provide a much needed jolt to the system with ‘Tough’ and provide us with a list of their influences and tour dates.

Radolescent‘s ‘Tough’ is a glorious jangle fest with a rock hard spine and anthemic rumble replete with a self-deprecatory glint in the eye. It’s as big and expansive as the beautifully shot video accompanying the track filmed somewhere in a rural and pastoral heaven filled with sunshine and giant agricultural machinery.

The band says of the track:

‘Tough’ in its essence, is a song akin to the feeling of someone close to you becoming a stranger right before your eyes – a probing sense that maybe they weren’t the person you thought they were, while also reeling from the fact maybe you weren’t the person they hoped you were either.

The confusion of hope amalgamated with the harsh realities of what a relationship can truly be in its day to day, is what ‘Tough’ explores. We all wear a disguise and ‘Tough’ explores where yours ends and where those around you begin.

The delivery is quite euphoric, with mountainous melodies, shared vocals and an ebullient and raucous sense of fun enhanced by wild slide guitars.

The single can be streamed here.

The band has provided an exclusive and intriguing list of influences for Backseat Mafia that inform the track:

IDLES – Danny Nedelko – 

Lachie chest bumped Rachel through a coffee table to this song. This could also be any idles song, They just get it

Bad Dreems – Bogan Pride

Bad dreems have forever been setting the mood for Radolescent. This song like the rest will pump you up for anything, guaranteed.

Pist Idiots – Fuck off

This has been drunkenly sung relentlessly at parties. One time causing the neighbors to tell us to shut the f*ck up lol. He had a solid point though.

Cosmic Psychos – Fuckwit City

Any song with a chorus this good deserves to be on the list. Cosmic psychos are the gods!

 Pretty Littles – Don Dale

An amazing song with impeccable song writing that deals with the subject matter in such a genius way. This song will be forever cherished.

WAAX – Help Me Hell.

Who doesn’t like a song that starts off 0 – 100! The vocal hook straight from the beginning has quickly become one of our favourites of all time.

Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright

Extremely dark content meets truly great 90s punk power chords. Pump it in the car and scream at your driver.

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

The theme song of the greatest fight scene known to man! We are definitely talking about shrek, if you didn’t think of shrek instantly , take a good hard look at yourself 

The Darrans – Come Steyne

WE LOVE THE OILY BOIZ. A bunch of outrageous scalawags hailing from Manly, NSW, this track pays homage to the local pub, The Steyne which in years prior was the epicenter of TOUGH.

Comeback Kid – Somewhere in this Miserable

You want to go hard and feel tough as shit doing it? Put this on and throw combinations in the mirror. Bitta hard core with a bitta “oos oos”.

Here’s a Spotify link:

You can catch the band on tour – see details below with link to tickets.

Friday 23rd September, The Zoo Brisbane Ticket link

Supports: Sunday Sesh, The Splints

Friday 7th October, Cherry Bar, Melbourne Ticket link

Supports: Radium Dolls, The Darrans

Sunday 9th October, Mary’s Underground, Sydney Ticket link

Supports: Radium Dolls, The Darrans

Friday 21st October, The Northern, Byron Bay free entry

Supports Radium Dolls, Sunday Sesh

Sunday 23rd October, Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast tickets  

Supports Radium Dolls, Sunday Sesh

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