PREMIERE: Curtis Godino presents the second Midnight Wishers single ‘He Loves Me Not’; self-titled album out three weeks today

Up above is the suitably kaleidoscopic artwork for the debut album by The Midnight Wishers; that’s Jin Lee, Rachel Herman and Jessica McFarland, the trio being overseen by the Brooklyn-based Curtis Godino. Three weeks today, the collaborative project releases their self-titled LP, and we’re bringing you another taste of the record after we premiered lead single ‘No Place Like Home’ a couple of months back.

The 60s girl group formula, and knowing pastiche thereof, is integral to the band’s established sound, but ‘He Loves Me Not’ is a step away from such territory into something more ambitious. Per Godino, the new song “is the album’s most decisive foray beyond the girl-group formula. Lyrics inspired by the lovelorn flower-picking game are supported by piano, mellotron, woodwinds and backward tracks plucked directly from the British Invasion. [It’s a] song with a fall feeling.”

We reckon it’s pretty effective when it comes to making the winter a little cosier, too; the trick is to focus on what’s going on around Lee’s disaffected vocals – there’s so much going on that you won’t catch half of it on your first listen, and this is a song that’s worth several spins. Check out its video below, and keep an eye out for Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers on Friday February 11th via Shimmy-Disc.

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