See: Walla release new Video for ‘Nature’

So I’m accident prone, what of it? The whole reason I started this….whatever its grown into, is (and you’ll know this story backwards by now if you read Backseat Mafia at all regularly)  I fell over, and broke a whole range of things in my left hand. Several months, and several loads of inserted metal into my wrist later, I went back to work but carried on writing about things that I liked. That wasn’t the first time though. I broke toes, fingers ruptured knees, ripped tendons off my ankle, fractured my skull.

The new video from Walla, Nature see’s a poor human/robot – I know, an increasingly common sight on our streets these days, suffer similar accidents/misadventures along the way, being dunked, chased and the like through the course of the (very enjoyable) video. More than that though, it’s a fantastically catchy, summery and memorable record. It’s from the bands recent Nature EP

The band themselves hail from the four corners of the world but are based in Los Angeles. They firstly ran into each other through the worldwide web and formed friendships, before it developed into (eventually) a musical partnership based on a myriad of influences, but broadly synth-based indie-pop.

Sounds like something I can’t quite comprehend. A happy accident.

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