New Music: Rafi Bookstaber – We Can Find a Way

Rafi Bookstaber is part of the US folk/psyche scene, on NY label Woodsist (who have their own festival in Big Sur) and part of the LA P.R. roster Force Field (Ariel Pink). He’s got an album coming out on the first of July – ‘Late Summer’, and this is the first available track. It’s a lo-fi soft-focus late afternoon desert kind of ambling affair. The aural equivalent of sunlight blurring the camera lens. Wah wah guitars shimmer alongside a sizzling kind of vibe that could be crickets or a flowing stream, as a lazy muffled bassline and equally strung-out drums shuffle along without a care in the world. Rafi’s vocals croon lazily in the distance, and it’s all as warm and fuzzy and disorienting as falling asleep on a sun lounger.


If your summer plans are on the laid-back side, and the weather is kind to us, then this could well be the ideal soundtrack.

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