See: Video for Cam Butler’s (Ron S Peno and the Superstitions) album ‘Solar’ provides an immersive arresting visual for the radiant music.

Cam Butler is a seasoned and experienced multi instrumentalist and producer who is also the co-writer of songs with the legendary Ron S Peno (Died Pretty) in the fabulous Ron S Peno and the Superstitions which he co-founded. We reviewed Butler’s radiant album ‘Solar’ towards the end of September, saying:

‘Solar’ takes us on a magnificent sonic journey, from sweeping vistas to thunder and rain, from crystalline guitars to string arrangements that are weeping and melancholy one minute and that thunder and rage the next.

Now, multimedia artist Haley Rose has used the cinematic music for an arresting video that takes on an immersive journey with the sparkling soundtrack provided by the album. Unbelievably, this is Rose’s debut film. She says of the film:

Cam’s music is often described as having cinematic qualities, so I wanted to create a film that visually represents Cam’s distinctive Australian sound.

There is a particular connection to the Australian environment in the film.

Clear blue skies, wispy wavy trees track the quieter moments while billowing clouds, expansive skies and visceral monuments provide a vibrant scenery to the more dramatic pieces. Liquid night time shots and a Nicolas Winding Refn-type capture of neon-lit urban landscapes with headlights pouring through the motorways provide a brief heart-pumping contrast to the more pastoral scenes.

The cinematography matches each track – contrasting quieter moments depicted by transfixing, mesmerising natural scenes with the hurdy gurdy of a more rampant nature and human-influenced landscapes accompany the more upbeat tracks. The film is deeply luscious and tangible: crystal clear snippets you can smell and feel that effortlessly moves in a close embrace with the music:

The film is a perfect visual for the album, its finger firmly planted on the pulse of the music and expressing the moods and tempo of the music. A special evening recently saw a sold-out premiere of the film at Westgarth Cinema. You can catch Butler at the  Voodoo Love Child Speakeasy Bar this evening – details below:

‘Solar’ is out now through Melbourne label, Kasumuen Records, and you can download through the link below:

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