Track: JESSICA returns with the beautiful and ethereal track ‘And In The Quiet There Is Desire’.

Three years ago JESSICA graced us with the gorgeous album ‘With Reverie’, reviewed by us here. She is back with a new track ‘And In The Quiet There Is Desire’, an achingly beautiful track that seems to float like a gossamer thread through the skies, borne on a wandering piano and strings. JESSICA’s voice is a sonic salve – reminding me of the delivery, at times of Dusty Springfield – that drifts through the instrumentation at a distance, majestic and ethereal, almost ghostly.

The lyrics reflect the dreamy hypnotic tones:

Right before
the dawn
there’s a place
a place on Earth
and in this quiet
there is desire

The accompanying video is a simple colour-infused close-up of JESSICA performing: personal and intense and immersive. As with her previous material, the track is not so much a song as an emotion: a recorded moment or feeling that seeps into the consciousness and creates a deep state trance:

‘And In The Quiet There Is Desire’ is out now and available through the link below:

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