Track: Sven Wunder – Yügen

It might have gone under the radar, but people are beginning to realise the brilliance of Sven Wunder’s 2019 debut ‘Eastern Flowers’, as it mixed up Anatolian rock, European Jazz, library, funk, psychedelia and folk which persuaded fans of those genres to fork out up to £150 on Discogs for it.

Anyway, he’s back for part two – a new album Wabi Sabi is out on June 12th via Piano Piano Records, and although he’s sailed musically a little more to the east, he’s pulled his other familiar traits along with him.

Ahead of its release is a single – Yügen. It’s full of the Japanese and Asian sounds that purvey the album, with flutes and stringed instruments laying down these seemingly improvised figures, before it kicks into what might conceivably be some sort of 70s Kung Fu soundtrack. It’s funky and cool, and brilliant.

Check it out, here

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