Track: Yr Eira – Middle of Nowhere

Yr Eira have just released a delightful, thoughtful and dreamy single in the form of ‘Middle of Nowhere’ off their forthcoming album ‘Map Meddwl’ out on 15 May 2020 through I KA CHING.

Beneath the hazy shimmering feel is a message where freedom from romantic entanglements is interweaved with a subtext of Welsh independence.

Do you ever get the feeling

that you’re tied to a leash

It’s hard to feel grateful

when you’re dragging both your feet

Nothing lasts for ever

As frontman Lewys Wyn expands:

I suppose there’s a certain similarity in both, in the sense of following your own path and creating your own guidelines in life.

There’s a gentle indie-pop feel that is somewhat antithetically matched with a more hard edged cynical world view creating a wonderful tension. The video captures this dichotomy perfectly with its innocent cartoon images telling a far more complex message:

‘Middle of Nowhere’ was recorded in Sain Recording Studio with Ifan Emlyn and Osian Huw, and mixed and mastered by Eddie Al-Shakarchi. It is released on 1 May as a digital single and available through all the usual download/streaming sites.

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