With a title inspired from Tarantino’s recent classic, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, the new single ‘Rick F***in Dalton’ from US/Danish duo Moon Panda is not what you’d expect. It is a dreamy and mesmerising single filled with lush instrumentation and a divine melodic spine.

This a song for the times, as singer/bassist Maddie Myers says:

It’s really inspired by the vibe of (‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’), about wanting to take the one you love most with you and hit the open road, sea, sky, wherever. Just, freedom.

The accompanying video very much reflects the character Frank Sidebottom whose life was approximately covered in the film ‘Frank’. Myers says of the video:

The video is the old story of boy meets girl and falls in love and tries to win her heart. We got the idea at our New Years party, when Freddy, who plays man in the music video, put our giant bonbon lamp shade on his head and kept busting solid moves. It looked so cool to see someone moving so freely without seeing their face.

It is certainly a very sweet and romantic clip for a gorgeous track, and Myer’s voice is delightful and airy over the walking bass and guitar splashes:

‘Rick F***in Dalton’ is a cinematic and expansive experience and comes off the duo’s forthcoming EP entitled ‘Make Well’, due out on 3 July 2020. You can pre-order here.

Moon Panda is Californian songwriter / bassist Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke.

Feature Photograph: Alice Humphreys