Exclusive: Morgado from Brazilian DJ collective Underdogs reveals exclusive mix for Backseat Mafia, plus new EP

Rio de Janeiro’s up and coming DJ crew, party and label Underdogs have recently revealed their opening salvos from their label, their first release featuring in the Beatport deep house chart, and it’s follow up, which features OLLVR, Morgado & Bruce Leroys diving deep into percussive Afro house, all with this Latin twist.

Check it out, here

The collective describe their concept as ”a multiplataform label from Rio de Janeiro created in 2016 with the proposal to bring to Brazil, the music and experience already estiblished in places such as Ibiza, Tulum, Mykonos, among others, focused in a selected audience that seeks to have this experience by travelling.
By bringing this experience we establish a multi-cultural interchange where we promote the music and it’s artists from abroad and also bring our brazilian flavor to it. Our multiplaform is divided in three verticals: Party label, Dj Crew and Record label.”

Consisting of DJ’s Bernardo Campos, Morgardo, Icle and Alan Fack, and we’re delighted that Morgado has done an exclusive mix for us right here at Backseat Mafia that’s brilliant and thrilling and engaging all at the same time.

It’s here, please like, share and support our mixes so we can continue to bring you the best in new and established producers and DJ’s right here on Backseat Mafia.

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