Premiere: Melbourne’s Skybelly unveils the chapter of an exotic space adventure in the dreamy track ‘Sapphire’, ahead of debut album.

The vivid, sparkling and unbound imagination of Sara Nelson, working under the name Skybelly, creates a whole new universe in her forthcoming album ‘A Space Tramp Odyssey’, due out on 23 September 2021. As a taste of what’s to come, we are honoured to premiere the track ‘Sapphire’ which is due out on 17 September 2021.

‘Sapphire’ is a wild adventure – part operatic, a soft electronic thrum with persistent percussion and ranging structure telling tales of a heady encounter. Hypnotic, trippy and sensual: it is a feast of imagery and sonic pulsation. Nelson says of the track:

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you meet people that you just click with. Their mind ignites your mind. You talk for hours and laugh till your stomach hurts, and every moment is an adventure – whether it’s going to the 7/11 to get a vanilla coke or on a spontaneous road trip at 3 am. No topic is off-limits – you can be yourself, with someone else, in a way that’s almost radical – it’s almost like a rebirth, to discover that you can be so seen and understood by someone else. In a world that has such conflicting values, this kind of bond is rare. You can’t engineer it or work hard for it or hustle it to life. This kind of love is a precious mystery – and all the more beautiful for it. 

This air of impetuosity and abandon flows through the track itself: something untrammelled and wild, exotic and free:

‘A Space Tramp Odyssey’ is Skybelly’s debut album: a concept album that tells the story of a fictional character travelling through space: a sort of interstellar space opera filled with mediaeval mysticism and dream weaving. Quite a stunning and bold approach for a debut, coloured in lush deep purple by the creative sonic brush strokes of Skybelly. You can pre-order the album here.

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