EP Review: Luxury Goods – This Is No Time To Dance

Sheffield solo artist Luxury Goods shines on her striking debut EP This is No Time to Dance – a four track release showcasing infectious energy and punchy indie-come-alterative-pop soundscapes which move between biting intensity and melancholic reflection.

Opening with ‘Tiny Moving Parts’ quickly introduces the punching live drums prevalent across the EP, giving the growling synth bass and plucky guitar lines a rocky edge and a pointed sense of direction, comparable to School Of Severn Bells. Leonie (the woman behind Luxury Goods)s soon enters, making her first vocal appearance on the EP with a biting spoken word, analysing human nature before the track soon bursts into life as the vocals soar into a chorus and Leonie demonstrates some of her emphatic abilities asa vocalist.

As the track builds through moments that layer airy atmospherics, the track gradually reaches its explosive, climatic chorus peaking with a brilliantly unexpected choppy g’ap in the midst of a sea of intense guitar lines and fuzzy synths. A vibrant, enthused intro that sets the tone for some of exhilarating and vibrant soundscapes to come.

Track 2, ‘Again’ takes a more experimental, dream pop approach with its initial sound pallet – understated, rim shot led beats under swelling, modulated synths and crunchy, slap back delayed vocals. Ever biting and urgent, the vocal delivery is soon matched by the instrumentation as the chorus brings a rising energy. Comparable in part to Marina And The Diamonds, there’s an interested array of influences already prevalent in Luxury Good’s music: pop tinted vocal lines, indie guitar licks and bright neon synths all underpinned by a driving, rock infused energy and a theatrical tint for good measure.

Taking a more reflective, emotive approach on ‘PM’, Luxury Goods demonstrates a softer more considered approach to her songwriting with relatable storytelling within her lyricism. Awash with soothing synth pads, subtle strings and gentle guitar lines, the EPs third track captures a different tone, breaking up the EP and giving the release more depth.

Closing with the intricate, interweaving yet gentle and stripped yet effortlessly beautiful and effortlessly catchy ‘Suffocated’, The EP closes on a fittingly epic and emotive note, and for me, the stand out track from This Is No Time To Dance. From the melancholic tone of the track to the stripped opening which slowly builds into the cinematic close, there’s some fantastic interweaving guitar and synth lines which float across the track under the etherial, haunting lead vocal.

Speaking about the EP, Luxury Goods explains:

This release has been a long time coming. We recorded the first track for the EP in 2019, before we were even called Luxury Goods. Since then, the journey has taken many twists and turns as we assembled an amazing team of creatives from around the country. 3 lockdowns, far too many sugar mice and a band baby later (no mum, not mine), we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved with ‘This is No Time to Dance’. 

The record is built around themes that are close to my heart, like being a woman, periods, self-doubt, finding confidence in the darkest of places, relationships with others and -most importantly- with myself. 

I’m really excited to share this collection of songs with the world and believe it will be the first stepping stone to bigger things.”

An exciting, driving and intriguing selection of tracks, Luxury Goods showcases her talents as a performer and a writer brilliantly across her debut EP. Dramatic, at times biting and bitter, at others delicate and melancholic, there is a lot of ground covered across the 4 tracks both emotionally and musically. Certainly an artist to keep your eye on for the future.

Listen below:

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